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Yaariyan Movie Poster

Yaariyan Movie Review : Music Wins But Movie Fails

Yaariyan is a youthful delight dampened by bad execution

Yaariyan is a youth based flick which got a great boost before the release due to the chart-buster music but the movie fails in the last test as it turns out to be an average affair. We can say that an opportunity went begging down because it could have been a better film if executed properly.

Let’s dig a little deeper into Yaariyan with our Yaariyan Movie Review.

Story and Direction:

The movie revolves around a very ordinary plot of a bunch of college friends studying in St Stephen’s College and enjoying their fun-filled lives. Soon they have to fly to Australia to take part in sports and cultural events to save their college land from being taken over by a business person of Australia for building pubs and bars over there. The later half of the movie is quite predictable and very ordinary. The movie is a directorial début of Divya Khosla Kumar which is quite average but still acceptable. Actually there are too many things  shown in the film but nothing is portrayed well. The good cinematography makes the film engaging to an extent.

Character Performances

As it is the début film of nearly all the stars, they have done a decent job. Himansh Kohli has looked good but Rakul Preet Singh is the stand out performer from all her co-stars. Gulshan Grover and Deepti Naval have played their part well.


Music is he best part of the film for which it gets full points.It is excellent and applauding which somehow manages to lift the film and makes it enjoyable. There are too many songs but  they are perfectly shot and a music lover will surely enjoy them. All the songs including  ‘ABCD‘, ‘ ‘Sunny Sunny‘ , ‘Love Me Thoda Aur‘,  ‘Allah Waariyan‘,  ‘Meri Maa‘ and ‘Baarish‘  are worth watching.

Watch it for 

Memorable and foot tapping music, good cinematography and presence of youthful quotient

Skip Yaariyan for 

Average direction, negligible plot and bad execution

Yaariyan Movie Review : Verdict

Yaariyan could have been made a good film but still is a one time watch with your friends. Don’t worry if you miss this as you can revisit Dil Chahta Hai or Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar instead. Stay tuned for more Box Office Updates.

Yaariyan Movie Rating

  • 2.5/5

Yaariyan Movie Details

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