Akshay Kumar Is The Most Respected Actor Of Bollywood
Akshay Kumar: The Most Respected Actor Of Bollywood

Akshay Kumar is the most successful actor of Bollywood along with the three Khans. ‘Akki’ as he is fondly called has a huge and loyal fanbase who rush to theatres to celebrate their fav star’s movies. Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan may have more hit movies to their name but this man has gained huge respect over the years. With no doubt, Akki is the most respected actor of Bollywood. You may be a fan of any khan of Bollywood but you just can’t hate Akshay Kumar. Want to know why Akshay Kumar is the most respected actor of Bollywood? Read on!

1.) A self-made star
Akshay Kumar is one of the few actors in Bollywood who is a self-made star. He started as a waiter in Bangkok after which he decided to take up modelling. Soon he entered films but faced initial rejection so much that Akki thought of giving up his film career and going back to martial arts. However, over time, Akki climbed the success ladder with his hard work and now he is the country’s highest tax-payer!

2.) Good looks
With an impressive 5 feet-11 inches body frame, Akshay Kumar is one of those few actors who doesn’t take steroids for body building. He is lean and handsome with just proper gymming. Akki’s long face with a strong jawline and cute smile can make even a teenage girl weak on her knees.

Akshay Kumar effortlessly looks good
Akshay Kumar effortlessly looks good

3.) Action man
Akki is well known as ‘Khiladi’ – that’s because he does dangerous stunts without body doubles in his movies! He prefers doing the stunts himself and practices them beforehand many times to get the shot right. Now that’s what we call hard work!

Akki is the best action hero of Bollywood
Akki is the best action hero of Bollywood

4.) A style icon
Even when being blessed with incredibly good looks, some actors fail in the style department. However, that’s not the case with Akshay. He always looks stylish and it is not even that he tries too hard. He is effortlessly stylish every time he steps out.

5.) Doting family man
Akki is a family man. He is an adorable husband and a doting father. He doesn’t work on Sundays so that he can dedicate one full day to his family as he doesn’t get much time from his busy schedule.

Akshay Kumar is a family man
Akshay Kumar is a family man

6.) Perfect comic timing
Akki has done a ridiculous amount of comedy films and we must admit, he does it best! The actor has a superb comic timing and he can give you a stomach-pain-laugh with just a dialogue!

Akshay Kumar is best at comedy
Akshay Kumar is best at comedy

7.) Disciplined man
Akshay Kumar isn’t a party animal. He sleeps at 9pm and wakes up at 4am for his good 2 hours workout and then continues with his shooting schedule. It is said that, because he wakes up early, his film crew has a hard time starting the shoot early every day. Also, another plus thing about Akki is he doesn’t smoke or drink and neither endorses the same. He lives a healthy lifestyle. Quite disciplined!

8.) Media friendly
Akki is loved by the media. He is all smiles every time he faces the media and even when asked with uncomfortable questions, he takes it sportingly. Every event he attends, comes alive with his funny humour!

9.) Versatile actor
Action, comedy, drama, thriller – you name it and Akki does it. He can do full justice to any role he is offered. He can act in any genre and still won’t look out of place. That’s Akki’s versatility for you!

10.) Philanthropy
Akshay donates a huge amount to charities and makes sure he keeps it away from the limelight. However, some way or the other it gets leaked in the media. Akshay says that he is embarrassed talking about charities as he believes they are meant to be private and not showcased to the world.

These are just a few points, we love about Akshay Kumar. There’s more to Akshay Kumar than few mere points. The ‘Khiladi’ has made a permanent place in the masses’ hearts and we love him for what he is!

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