The video of Deepika Padukone-Ranbir Kapoor’s Agar Tum Saath Ho from Tamasha is out now. Be warned, the video is a major tear-riot!

After the song poster was released our expectations really shooted up. Now that the video is out, we feel that Agar Tum Saath Ho seems a little familiar but Alka Yagnik’s voice sounds surprising young! A. R. Rahman has blended his personal favorite Hindustani Raag Desh. Arijit Singh lags behind the sweet voice of Alka. The song is a soulful rendition that will grow on you.

While the video really tears us up in the beginning with both Deepika and Ranbir crying their eyes out. But by the end of the song we get to understand the situation a little more. We get to see a kind of flashback with both of them travelling together to some amazing places with crystal clear water!

Guess we have got to wait some more for full clarity. The movie releases on 27th November.



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