Udta Punjab Music Review and Soundtrack- Another amazing album by Amit Trivedi!
Udta Punjab Music Review and Soundtrack- Another amazing album by Amit Trivedi!

The soundtrack of Udta Punjab has been released. It has a total of seven tracks composed by Amit Trivedi, with lyrics penned by Shellee, Late Shri Shiv Kumar Batalvi and Varun Grover. Here’s our Udta Punjab Music Review-

1. Chitta Ve

The first song of the soundtrack is Chitta Ve composed by Amit Trivedi, sung by Babu Haabi, Shahid Mallya and Bhanu Prtap with quite unusual lyrics by Shellee. It’s an edgy electronic track that’s quite different from the party numbers we usually get to hear. Shahid Kapoor rocks in the video!

2. Da Da Dasse
Kanika Kapoor really surprises us in Da Da Dasse with an amazing transition from her ‘Baby-Doll’ avatar into her hip-hop avatar. Babu Haabi‘s rap suits the cool, groovy hip-hop beats. A beautifully constructed melody.

3. Ikk Kudi (Reprised Version)

Ikk Kudi in the amazing voice of Dilit Dosanjh is such a soulful melody that you will want to hear it on loop all day all night. The music of the song has been given by Amit Trivedi and he succeeds in presenting Shiv Kumar Batalvi‘s heartwrenching lines of Ikk kudi into an empowering song!

4. Ikk Kudi
This another rendition of Ikk Kudi in the voice of Shahid Mallya is a quintessential Amit Trivedi melody. The guitar chords makes the song a soulful melody.

5. Ud-Daa Punjab
Ud-Daa Punjab brings us back to grunge mode. Sung by Vishal Dadlani, Amit Trivedi, it is composed by Amit Trivedi with amazing lyrics by Varun Grover. Amita’s lazy voice and Vishal’s rap feel kinda repetitive at times. But still a great track.

6. Hass Nache Le
Shahid Mallya takes closer to a qawwali genre wonderfully backed by Amit Trivedi‘s harmonium-led sound. This song is really rhythmic and sounds wonderfully amazing.

7. Vadiya
Vadiya is a classic club number in the voice of Amit Trivedi himself. The chorus line is quite addictive and trippy, overall an admirable number.

Here’s the complete Udta Punjab Soundtrack-

Udta Punjab Music Review – Final Verdict and Rating: Amit Trivedi brings a welcome change into the a genre that is beyond his comfort zone. I personally love it how he has brought a range of electronic grunge together to make an amazing album. A big thumbs-up from our side. Our pick of the lot would be Chitta Ve, Ikk Kudi(Reprised Version) and Vadiya. Our Rating: 4 Stars.


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