Twitter trolls Aamir Khan's Fat to Fit pic
Twitter trolls Aamir Khan's Fat to Fit pic

Twitter had an amazing time yesterday trolling Aamir Khan’s pic of the Fat to Fit transformation. While everyone is amazed at how Mr.Perfectionist can do such an incredible job with his body, many took to Twitter to have light-hearted fun. Check them out!

1. It’s your Tinder profile pic vs your real pic


2. Do a film to loose some weightmeme-no-10

3. Even Babaji wasn’t spared

4. Aamir Khan’s stomach = Airtight containermeme-no-7

5. Relationship matters

6. Stomach = Petrol Tankmeme-no-9

7. How demonetization and fitness are relatedmeme-no-2

8. This is truememe-no-8

9. This is funmeme-no-6

10. Pet Ander Karna Padta Haimeme-no-4

These memes are hilarious? What are your reactions?


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