Top 10 Songs of the Week | 26 September
Top 10 Songs of the Week | 26 September

We are coming close to the end of another week and here we are with our list of Top 10 Songs of the Week. These songs are some must haves in your playlist. Prepare your playlist accordingly and Enjoy!

1. Gulaabo

The first song that was released from the album of Shaandaar and it has become a hot favorite!

2. Main Hoon Hero Tera

Again Main Hoon Hero Tera! But atleast Salman’s voice has given way to some other song to be on the top.

3. Shaam Shaandaar

Another song from Shaandaar is on our list. Shaam Shaandaar is making many of our nights count!

4. Lip To Lip

Lip To Lip has taken a long jump from number nine to number four! Thanks to the lyrics.

5. Sarfira

The party number from Katti Batti is making everyone groovy!

6. Afghan Jalebi

We are not sure why this song is still in the list, but people like listening to the song!

7. Sau Aasoon

Sau Aasoon is still maintaning it’s last week’s position. Mahadevan’s magic is doing it’s work!

8. Tung Tung Baje

A severe drop from number two to number eight for Tung Tung Baje!

9. Baaton Ko Teri

We are adding Baaton Ko Teri to the top 10 list since we have heard it more than often on the radio.

10. Tu Jo Mila

Same theory goes for Tu Jo Mila. Junta rules!

You liked our list of Top 10 Songs of the Week? Do tell us what you feel.


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