Sohail Khan and Huma Qureshi: Affair smokes rumours
Huma Qureshi & Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan & Huma Qureshi facing the power of rumours as the year ends

As reported, there have been rumours of Salman Khans brother Sohail Khan & Huma Qureshi of being into a relationship as the two have become very fond of each other in past one year.

Hoax or truth but rumours, in fact, have hit the Khan’s again. Salman Khan has always been the favourite who houses in rumours of the time. Be it for the good or bad notion, he is very much encapsulated and yet this time as well he is not very far away if not directly linked. Sohail Khan, Salman Khan’s younger brother is the subject of the talk of B-town along with the sensuous and sizzling Huma Qureshi, the Gangs of Wasseypur girl.

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There is news that Huma and Sohail have been spotted together promoting Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) and seems to have built quite a bonding. Huma is the brand ambassador for CCL while Sohail is seen promoting the Mumbai team.

However, Sohail’s wife Seema Sachdev strongly denies of any such rumoured affair. She stated,

“I don’t know what is giving rise to these rumours. I was there at Panvel, as were my kids and my in-laws. I honestly didn’t see Huma there. So, I don’t know if she was there or not. The farm-house is huge and there were over 500 guests present. So, no I didn’t see her.

She (Huma) is friends with my brother-in-law (Salman) and sister-in-law (Arpita Khan Sharma) too. She is also the brand ambassador for CCL, but no, I don’t think they (Sohail and Huma) hang out”: Mumbai Mirror

Albeit Huma too refuted to the rumours and posted over twitter but the buzz is all over the social sites. Huma also quoted that Sohail is like an elder brother to her as below:

Huma's tweet
Huma’s tweet