'SOCH NA SAKE' - Airlift Video Song Review | As good as its Punjabi inspiration 'Soch'
'SOCH NA SAKE' - Airlift Video Song Review

‘Soch Na Sake’ is soulful, soothing and simply brilliant.

There are songs which just don’t tend to leave your playlist and we just can’t get over them. ‘Soch Na Sake’ from Airlift is one of those memorable tracks that will bless you with such a soothing experience that you will get addicted to it. With Amaal, Arijit and Tulsi’s perfect singing and an equally complementary video, this is just impactful.

Airlift is an upcoming Akshay Kumar flick which is based on real life story of India’s most heroic mission in which the world’s biggest evacuation happened in Kuwait in 1990. Soch is a beautiful track from the movie, which works well with the sad situation of a person stitched between duty and family.

The song starts on a beautiful Punjabi notes and swiftly shifts the pace. Arijit Singh is never average and in this song he is brilliant. Tulsi’s voice works well to complement the singing. The lyrics and music are an adaptation from the very popular Punjabi track ‘Soch’ sung by Hardy Sandu. While the original track has more high notes, this one is more of a smooth version.

It generally becomes difficult for an adaptation to justify the expectations set by the original track, but the team has done a good job with the song.

Lend your ears to this beautiful track here –

This is the original Punjabi track –