Shaandaar Trailer Review: What's Good and What's Bad
Shaandaar Poster - Shahid and Alia

The trailer of Vikas Bahl’s next directional Shaandaar is finally out. Shaandaar is one of the most awaited movie of the year because Shahid and Alia are paired together for the first time. Vikas Bahl has already proved himself with Queen and we can expect something special and out of box from him. The movie is in news for a long time because of Shahid and Alia’s looks and chemistry. The poster of the movie, released few days back created a lot of buzz. Shahid and Alia looked super cute and adorable together in it.

Well, for now the trailer is out and we are here to review it and let you know if it met our expectations or fails to create any impact. Read on to know more.

Shaandaar Trailer Review: What’s Good
1) Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor: Oh My God! This guy is just too hot to handle and can make any girl beg on her knees. Shahid is looking hot at the same time cute and adorable. Alia is the cutest girl in the B-town and in Shaandaar she takes this feature to another level. Her pink bikini will take her to another league now. Well, forget individually, these two are looking pitch perfect together. Their chemistry will be the the biggest highlight of the movie.
2) Pankaj Kapoor:  Pankaj Kapoor is maha talented and in Shaandaar we will see his funny side. The actor seems to be in his own league with his comic timing and punches.
3) The freshness and sparkle: Though the movie looks to be copied from some Hollywood movie in terms of look and feel, we can’t take away the credit that the makers have worked hard on its freshness. I personally haven’ t seen such freshness and sparkle in Bollywood movies before that.

Shaandaar Trailer Review: What’s Bad
1) Sanjay Kapoor: I really don’t know what he is doing in this movie. There are few actors who can just tarnish any movie with their presence and Sanjay is one of them. His over the top entry with his family in the trailer looks weird.
2) Unrealistic and larger than life: Well, the biggest reason for Queen’s success was the connection it made with the audience. Shaandaar seem to be loosing points here. The movie looks too much unrealistic and larger than life.

This is what we think of the trailer. We may be wrong and you can surely teach us lessons. But for that you have to abuse us and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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