Rocky Handsome Teaser Review- John Abraham is back into action-mode as Rocky Handsome. The teaser is a proof that the movie is going to be full of some crazy action sequences!

The Rocky Handsome teaser begins with Rocky’s description- A man in his 30’s with killings in 70’s. His name is Kabir Ahlawat. The teaser is all about how this man is a mystery and that there are no previous records of Kabir’s existence. Kabir Ahlawat is a killing machine!

“Deadly, dangerous ya Rocky, is naam se mujhe wo jaante hain jo mujhe janana nahi chahte hain.”

John Abraham shows off his superb physique in the first few seconds of the teaser. He is seen breaking bones, firing guns and blowing up buildings. But there’s more to Rocky than all this violence. There is also a little girl in his life, who reminds him about his softer side.

While talking about the movie, John had earlier said “No one has ever seen action designed like this before in Hindi cinema. With Rocky Handsome, we will raise the bar of action in this country. I must draw a parallel here… just like Bajrangi Bhaijaan had a child, even Rocky Handsome has a beautiful kid and more than the action, it’s the emotion that people will walk away after watching that film.”

Working for the second time under Nishikant Kamat‘s direction after Force, John has definitely stirred up our curiosity for the movie.

Are you also curious for the movie to come out soon? Tell us what you feel about the teaser below!


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