Jacqueline Fernandez in Race 2
Jacqueline Fernandez in Race 2

Race 2 review : Betrayal is Survival. Race 2 (sequel to Race, which was a hit), released this Friday with huge expectations.The starcast involves Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukore, John Abraham, Jaqouline Fernandez,  Anil kapoor and Ameesha Patel. It is directed by the famous duo Abbaas-Mustan. The characters of Saif, Bipasha and Anil have proceeded from the previous parts. The character of Bipasha will set the occurrence  of all the events in the story. As we know that Abbaas-Mustan have given us so many thrillers over the years, but Race 2 partially disappoints us as compared to its prequel,  though it is watchable .

The first half of the movie is excellent, fast and pacy, and the twists and turns are good.The second half is a sharp downfall on other side. The fast turns of first half gets over our head in second half. The twist become too predictable to be even categorized as twists . The direction is good, music is good and in acting department , Saif is the only standout performer while others are just average. Aditya Pancholi and Bipasha Basu have  cameo roles. John has looked smart and the glamor quotient is on its peak involving Deepika,Jacqueline and Ameesha while locations are awesome and worth watching.

Go ahead and watch it, you will not get bored, that is sure. But when you will compare it with its prequel, it will lose as the USP of both the films will make the difference. The unexpected twists and turns is the USP of both the parts and the USP of the first part was more interesting and shocking than the second installment.

Blog to Bollywood rates RACE 2 as 2 out of 5 . Can be watched over a weekend if you have no better plans however it is a miss for those can’t keep their brains at home , as any logical deductions would surely mess this for you .

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