Katti Batti 7th Day Collection | Disastrous First Week
Imran and Kangana in Katti Batti

Katti Batti 7th Day Collection: Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut starer Katti Batti had a disastrous first week at Box Office.

After an average opening weekend, Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut starer ‘Katti Batti‘ fall flat at Box Office on Monday. After a poor Monday, the movie continued to drop on weekdays and managed to collect only 6.25 crores in weekdays.

Katti Batti Box Office Collection | Day-Wise report

Katti Batti 1st day collection: 5.28 crores
Katti Batti 2nd day collection: 5.48 crores
Katti Batti 3rd day collection: 5.51 crores
Katti Batti 1st weekend collection: 16.27 crores
Katti Batti 4th day collection: 1.91 crores
Katti Batti 5th day collection: 1.63 crores
Katti Batti 6th day collection: 1.41 crores
Katti Batti 7th day collection: 1.3 crores
Katti Batti 1st week collection: 22.52 crores

‘Katti Batti’ collected 22.52 crores in its first week which is way less than the expected figures. The reviews from critics has been poor and the WOM from audience has also been negative.
The expectations were good from this Nikhil Advani directional but the movie failed to create any impact thanks to poor script and direction.

The movie should end up with the lifetime collection of 24 crores. Made on a budget of 33 crores, Katti Batti is a big flop at Box Office. This is a big loss for Kangana Ranaut who was having a dream run at Box Office before Katti Batti’s release. Imran Khan should stop acting now.

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