Hear The 100 Pipers Playing After A Sip With Seagram's 100 Pipers And #BeRememberedforGood
100 Pipers

               *Disclaimer: This blog post is intended for audience above 25 years
As said by a Scottish legend, if you sip a good scotch, you can hear a piper play; but if you taste an exceptionally amazing scotch, you can hear 100 pipers play. Well, this saying is 100% true for Seagram’s 100 pipers. The beautiful aroma, the ethereal taste, the creamy texture, smooth finish and wonderfully complex character makes it the most amazing scotch whisky in the town.

They say, to get the things perfect you need to work hard and this goes true for 100 Pipers. It took more than 20 years and over 530 combinations to get these in a single bottle: a bottle of 100 Pipers.

Well, the legend story behind 100 Pipers in rather interesting and mesmerizing. Read on.

It is said that in 1745, the Scottish legendary hero, Bonnie Prince Charlie was led by 100 pipers into the battle. The melodious music evoked courage in the army and fear into the hearts of the enemy. This Scottish legend is the inspiration behind the scotch whisky 100 Pipers.

The discovery of 100 Pipers is an interesting story. A master blender was working to find the perfect combination of whiskies. He wanted to boost each sip to hear 10 pipers. What he heard after a lot of testing and tasting was not just 10 pipers. He heard 100 pipers playing. A 100 Pipers! And that’s when the exotic and flavoured 100 Pipers was discovered.

100 Pipers is a blend of around 25 to 30 whiskies to finally settle on that perfect blend that could produce the sound of a hundred pipers with each sip. The final product that you get at your bar is a woody and fruity flavoured scotch with a touch of peat oak fragrance in medium intensity that creates an aromatic sweetness.

100 Pipers is a brand of standard blended Scotch Whisky with smoked notes. It is seventh-largest blended scotch worldwide and second best standard whisky in Asia.

So, want to hear 100 pipers at once. Seagram’s 100 Pipers is your pick. #BeRememberedforGood