Gunday Movie Still
Gunday Movie Still

Gunday Movie Review – 70s Cinema Redefined | Movie Reviews

Gunday released this Friday (February 14) on Valentine’s Day with a lot of buzz and expectations. The movie is a complete action thriller and it is director Ali Abbaas Zafar’s second outing after Mere Brother Ki Dulhan starring I and Katrina Kaif which was a Box Office success.  Now lets see what Gunday has stored for us let us see.

Well, in one line Gunday is redefines the 70s cinema, which was full of entertainment quotient. Though the movie is weak in plot and screenplay but has powerful character performances, Ranveer-Arjun’s lively bromance, impactful dialogues and an unexpected twist at the end, which lifts the film successfully and we witnesses an engaging thriller..

Let’s dig a little deeper with our Gunday Movie Review.

Story and Direction:

The plot is very common and you can find it in any film of the 70s. Two orphans, Bikram (Ranveer Singh) and Bala (Arjun Kapoor), reaches India as refugees during the time of 1970 India–Pakistan war and formation of Bangladesh. They enter the world of crime in their childhood and start coal smuggling. By the time they reach  youth, are  well-known Gunday of Kolkata. Soon they meet Nandita (Priyanka Chopra), a cabre dancer and loses their hearts to her. This creates a rift between them and then enters ACP Satyajeet Sarkar (Irfan) in their lives to put an end to their criminal activities. A real battle begins from here.

Ali Abbas Zafar’s direction is good. as he has tried his best to create an action packed thriller which has emotional quotient also. The plot which becomes predictable many times. But the move gets some boost by twists in the second half and keeps it engaging. The twist towards the climax is a memorable.

Character Performances

The character performances and dialogues are the backbone of the film. Ranveer Singh is the show stealer and has given another matchless performance. He is just raising his level by each passing film. His dialogue delivery and acting skills are fabulous. His co-star Arjun Kapoor has also looked good in his aggressive and serious look. Priyanka Chopra has played her part well  as usual but she has nothing to offer in this male oriented film. Irfan has effortlessly played the role of a cunning police officer, although his screen presence is short but he holds the key to different chain of events in the film.

Gunday Movie Review - 70s Cinema Redefined | Movie Reviews
Gunday Movie Review – 70s Cinema Redefined | Movie Reviews


The music is good with Man Kunto Maula which comes in the beginning looks good as it describes the bonding of Bikram and Bala, Jashne Ishqa is full of energy and zeal, Tune Maari Entriyaan is the most enjoyable one with its catchy lyrics and foot tapping beats, Jiya is also worth watching for its exotic locales and Priyanka Chopra who looks stunning in this song. Assalam e Ishqam, ,Saiyaan and Title track are also enjoyable.

Watch it for 

Watch it for Ranveer Singh, Ranveer-Arjun’s chemistry, a twist at the climax and if you really love Masala flicks

Skip Gunday for

Same old and routine plot, uneven editing and if you are bored with repetitive content.

Gunday Movie Review Verdict

Gunday can be a one time watch for those who still favor masala genre as it will not disappoint you but please don not expect too much also.

Gunday Movie Rating

  • 3.4  /  5

Gunday Movie Details :

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