Fitness Routine of Bollywood Actresses
Fitness Routine of Bollywood Actresses

Ever wondered what all it takes to look hot or get that bikini body on screen? Have an insight into the workout regime and diet plan of our B-town ladies because a perfect fit body is the best fashion statement to make!

Alia Bhatt

Fitness routine of Bollywood actresses- alia
Alia Bhatt workout session

Workout: If you ask Alia whether she started hitting the gym before she was into films or after, she would say she started so that she could get into films. Alia has had a great weight loss journey and is now a fitness freak. She starts her day by going to the gym, sometimes she hits the gym even twice a day. Her Instagram page is loaded with videos of her workout.

She walks on the treadmill for 5 mins and then runs for 10 mins. Her workout consists of cardio, 3 sets of pull downs, push ups, dumbbell raises, tricep push downs, crunches and reverse crunches. She also does squats and lunges and is a huge fan of pilates. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has trained her on different Pilates machines such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Corealign, Motor, Step Barrel, Bodhi Suspension System and The Barre.

Diet: Her diet is quite simple and she eats everything without much restrictions. For breakfast, she usually has a bowl of poha or a veg or egg sandwich along with tea or coffee. Her lunch consists of roti, veggies and dal. For dinner, she has veggies, roti and also a bowl of rice. She also has chicken breasts and loves sweets and desserts. She advises to have dinner at least 2 hours before sleep and limit the intake of junk and oily food.

She says usually people avoid carbs but carbs are as vital for your body as proteins and healthy fats are. Being the main source of glycogen, carbs provide energy to your body to meet physical and mental activities. The problem shows up when you eat them in excess. She also advises on eating a balanced diet and always keep yourself hydrated.

Katrina Kaif

Fitness routine of Bollywood actresses- Katrina
Katrina Kaif workout session

Workout: Katrina hits the gym as much as she can. She says there will be months that goes without seeing the gym and then there will be months where she trains for 3 hours a day. She usually goes to the gym thrice a week and does iso planks and strength training excercises. She had a body to die for in Dhoom 3 and now again in Baar Baar Dekho she donned those killer abs. For the abs, her trainer Yasmin ensures that she has an hour of pilates everyday. Kaif does a mixture of Pilates, functional training, plyometrics, TRC and cardio every single day. Her trainer says, “Understand what your fitness level is and how your body responds to it.”

Katrina also practices yoga and does cycling and swimming. Katrina says, “”The way one looks, honestly, has a lot to do with how one feels. When one is at peace with themselves, it immediately reflects on their face.”

Diet: Katrina has oatmeal, cereals, egg whites for breakfast. She prefers boiled rice with legumes for lunch and chapattis for dinner. “You have to sync your exercise routine with your food intake. Kaif doesn’t follow a particular diet. She eats smart and listens to her body and needs—she avoids gluten, dairy and sugar, and tries to include protein, fibre and good fats in all her meals,” reveals her trainer. Katrina says out of 7 days in a week, 5 days eat what is right and healthy and remaining two days you can indulge in your cheat days.

Deepika Padukone

Fitness routine of Bollywood actresses- deepika
Deepika’s fitness routine

Workout: Deepika makes sure she works out everyday even if its only for 20 mins. If she has a busy schedule she wakes up a little early just to make time for her workout. Being a badminton player, fitness has always been important to her. “I go to the gym whenever I can. When I am travelling, I do make it a point to workout in the hotel gym”, says the actress. For those looking for weight loss, here’s what she said, “just like me, you need to combine cardio with weight training, because then can you lose weight and tone up at the same time.”

While prepping up for her role in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Deepika did different exercise balls like Kettlebell Swings and Kettlebell Press for sculpted shoulders and slender arms. While releasing a campaign, Deepika wrote, “Two years ago I struggled with depression. I was sinking. I almost gave up. But it was the athlete in me that gave me the strength to fight and never ever give up”. She even swears by yoga for her svelte figure.

Diet: Deepika eats smart, and her diet has the right balance of proteins and carbohydrates Being a south Indian she loves eating rice. She believes in eating every 2-3 hours and eats in right proportions. She prefers idli or upma and two egg whites for breakfast. Her lunch and dinner is simple like chapattis, veggies and grilled fish. She has nuts and fruits for snacks. She relinquishes her sweet craving by having just a piece of dark chocolate.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Fitness routine of Bollywood actresses- Jacqueline
Jacqueline’s fitness routine

Workout: Jacqueline was appointed as India’s training ambassador for global sportswear brand Puma. Jacqueline says, “For me, discipline is the key. To keep fit and achieve a perfectly toned body is something I always ponder. Fitness is something that disciplines both the mind and the soul and not just the body.”

She works out at her home in the morning. At the gym, she does weight training. She does a mix of cardio, martial arts, dance and even yoga. Jacqueline says she has a genetically slender frame and had to work out to get a toned figure. “When I first came to India I weighed 10 kilos less than what I weigh today. I was told that I was too thin and suggested I must put on. But now things have changed. Now even if I put on one kilo it will be noticed in photographs” said the Sri Lankan beauty. She also advises that one should not overdo the workout in order to avoid injury.

Diet: Jacqueline stresses on the need of drinking lots of water. She has followed a macrobiotic diet for many years. She eats carbs, fresh veggies, salmon. She even makes ‘Nutri balls’ at home made with dry fruits, nuts and seeds and keeps them handy in her bag while travelling. She starts her day with warm water with honey or lime. She eats brown rice and lentil for her meals. Jacqueline is usually not strict with her diet and has pizzas and chocolates if she wants to. She even drinks green tea. After her workout, she usually has a protein shake.

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