Ragini MMS 2
Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS 2’s lump at box office extended throughout third week

When Ragini MMS 2 opened on box office a few weeks back, it went wild, collection nearly 23 Crores in its very first weekend. This was some real good figures at box office. Ragini MMS 2 had recovered its cost in just 3 days. The movie, went a step further and crossed 39 crores in first week. This was drastically reduced in second week. The movie collected just 8 crores in second week at box office.

Well Ragini MMS 2 did behaved like an MMS. Spread Wild, but short-lived. Ragini MMS 2 hardly collected 2 crores in its third week at box office thus just touching in to 50 Crores match.

While Queen showed a consistent performance in its five weeks, Ragini played it Quick on box office.

Lets have a look at number which Ragini MMS 2 displayed at box office so far :

Ragini MMS 2 Box Office Collections & Day to Day Update ( 21st day Update)

Ragini MMS 2 Total Box Office Collections (21 Days )
Day By Day Collections (Click to expand)
  • Opening Day Collection : 8.50 Crores
  • Highest Day Collection : 8.67 Crores (Day 3)
  • First Weekend : 24.24 Crores
  • First Week : 39.60 Crores
  • Second Weekend : 4.91 Crores
  • Second Week : 8.36 Crores*
  • Third Week : 2.05 Crores
  • Overall Collections : 50.01 Crores


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