Bajirao Mastani Music Review- Bhansali's Symphony on A.M.Turaz' perfect Word Play
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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s soundtrack ensured it was worth every second of my time. Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself has composed the music for his magnum opus. He has earlier composed the music of Ram Leela and Guzaarish. Here is our Bajirao Mastani music review-

Deewani Mastani

The strong narrative start for Deewani Mastani set the tone for a grandeur; it takes your soul into the epic time and with a smooth transition. You can find Shreya opening the notes of an incredible lyrical delight. Music is what takes your breath in Deewani Mastani.
Often tempting me to leave this review and just relax with Deewani Mastani.:) All in all, a good track. Though I am not a fan of long tracks, this one will go as an exception.

Sung by Arijit Singh on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s music, Aayat takes a slow start while continuing the tone set by Deewani Mastani. Aayat has dark lyrics, one who loves word play will strongly desire more after Aayat.
Nasir Faraaz and A.M Turaz have done some good word play in Aayat. Aayat will stay in my playlist at least for few days.

Here it comes, to disrupt the slowly elevated mood set by Aayat. Vishal Dadlani’s powerful voice takes in beautifully on Prashant Ingole’s lyrics.

Mohe Rang Do Laal
Indie Classic genre Mohe Rang Do Laal has classically rooted lyrics by Siddharth and Garima. Shreya has sung this story woven classic slow track with love. Birju Maharaj adds his flavour with tabla quite well. A must listen recommendation for this great track. I heard it twice while working and has been on my favorites since then.

Albela Sajan
Albela Sajan starts off with trumpets and great sound, Ah! Finally I got it, the first chorus from this soundtrack, blended in great music. Simply astounding music that keeps on taking lows to burst you with another fantastic high. The best so far from the soundtrack. Sung by Shashi Suman, Kunal Pandit, Prithvi Gandharva, Kanika Joshi, Rashi Raagga & Geetikka Manjrekar and glorified by Sanyal Leela Bhansali’s music.

Ab Tohe Jane Na Doongi
Ab Tohe Jane Na Doongi is a word play of Indian SoulCry genre. With this song, A.M.Turaz ji just got a fan for his writing. Payal and Shreyas Puranik has done justice to this song by their good singing, but it comes out as an average on the whole.


I liked the way this fast toned song opened soon to burst into pure dance music. Vaishali Made and Shreya Ghosal have done some good singing here, as most of the lyrics is quite alien to the present generation, yet they made it fun filled fast paced, yet kept it in Bajirao’s generation. Pinga is one song that could have gone wrong very quickly but was able to carry it all through.

Aaj Ibaadat
Sung by Javed Bashir, this one takes a Hindu mythic lyrical touch to sufian singing. While idiots across India are going #intolerant crazy, this shows the perfect blend of multicultural Indian music. The heavy wording has been carried wisely by Javed Bashir. This song goes into my playlist for this season. Great track to listen.

Fitoori is a classic indie narrative track mixed with some quick background singing. Fitoori to be very frank did not click for my ears. Maybe after so many above average and great songs, fitoori just seemed lesser what than it actually is.


No one goes wrong with Gajanana, and how can Sanjay Leela Bhansali be less? Gajanana has a bit alternative singing by Sukhwinder Singh, and though it leaves it in a different taste, it looks good.

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The 10 song album is in two parts on youtube and is worth every second it takes.

2Bajirao Mastani Music Review: Verdict

Jodha Akhbar has a chance to take us back into those royal times that we have just heard off, but Bajirao Mastani is the flick that actually does it through its’ music. Blended Indie Classic with tones ranging from Soul Cry to Festive Rock, Bajirao just knows how to sing for ears.

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Excellent is what can be said for Bajirao Mastani’s Soundtrack in one word. Bajirao Mastani gives you at least 5 takeaways in this album of 10 great classic songs. A.M.Turaz just nailed it with amazing lyrics, Hats off Sir!

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