Aashiqui 2 movie poster - Shraddha and Aditya Kapoor
Aashiqui 2 movie poster - Shraddha and Aditya Kapoor

Aashiqui 2 is all set for a decent opening at Boxoffice. Although the movie has no big names but still it has managed to create a lot of buzz just before its release. There are lots of factors responsible for such a immense hype that it has created.One such factor is the breakthrough success of its musical album. Songs are at top of music charts from the very first day of their release.Content of the movie seems fresh as depicted from the promos and it is all set for a good opening and secure success at Box office unless it receives some very bad reviews or negative word of mouth.

Aashiqui 2 is promoted as a sequel to original Aashiqui which was a big musical hit.But let me make it very clear that it is neither a sequel nor a remake of the former. The only similarity that the two movies have is the romantic musical theme.

Aashiqui 2 is all set for around 16 to 18 crore weekend as it is gonna be a solo Bollywood release this Friday and the last weeks releases Ek Thi Daayan, Nautaki Saala  and Commando has already faded away. The only factor that can hamper the business of the movie is its clash with Hollywood’s much awaited and anticipated Iron Man 3.

If all the above factors are taken in consideration then there is every likelihood that the movie will make 15 to 18 crores  in its first weekend which is a huge figure considering the fact it has no big names, more will depend on the public and critics reviews.

 Here is a  report of Aashiqui 2 expected Box office collections (excluding overseas collections)

26 April 2013: 5 to 7 crores

27 April 2013: 6 to 8 crores

28 April 2013: 7 to 9 crores

29 April 2013: 4 to 5 crores

30 April 2013: 3 to 4 crores

Expected first weekend collections of Aashiqui 2: 16 to 20 crores.

Expected first week collections of Aashiqui 2: 32 to 36 crores.

Expected lifetime collections of Aashiqui 2: close to 45 crores.

Well these are our predictions, a lot will depends on the reviews and word of mouth of the audience.

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