Aamir Khan looks dapper in the new cover of GQ India!
Aamir Khan looks dapper in the new cover of GQ India!

The cover boy of the month goes to our very own- Aamir Khan. We can’t help but stare at Aamir Khan looks dapper in the new cover of GQ India. Shot by Nuno Oliveira, Aamir’s look for the cover has been styled by Vijendra Bhardwaj while his hair is done by Nanao Soyam and BBlunt India. He is wearing a Tommy Hilfiger grey jacket with a stunning black Corneliani shirt and tie.

Here’s another picture of Aamir from the photoshoot-

Aamir Khan looks dapper in the new cover of GQ India!- Aamir GQ 1
Aamir Khan
Aamir GQ

In this issue, Aamir opens up about why he hates being called a method actor. He says-

“I don’t even know what method acting is. I never had a formal education in acting. I come from a ­film family. My father was a producer and my uncle was one of the leading ­film-makers of his time. So I grew up with ­films being made around me. My earliest memory is being 7, when I started sitting in when the writers and directors would come pitch stories to my father. I would just sit in a corner and listen to those stories, I must have heard hundreds, all these ­film ideas, from when I was 7 to when I was about 15. I’ve learned film-making by watching the whole process unfolding in front of me, ever since I was a child. A lot of people who aren’t from a film background or have not been to film school, they may not understand editing, for example. But for me, I used to watch it happening. I mean, even now I’m learning, but a lot of my learning in the early stages came by making mistakes, by making an ass of myself. So no, I’m not a method actor. For some reason the Indian media calls me that, I don’t know why.”

Grab your copies now!

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